Home appliances, IT devices

Product List

Acrylic resin and polyester resin for coating

Cyclo olefin copolymer

Modified polyamide 6T

Thermoplastic polyimide


Modified epoxy resin for coating

High-durability 1, 4-H6XDI polyurethane elastomer

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Tape for semiconductor manufacturing

Self-lubricating special polyethylene, high self-lubricating special polyolefin resin

Olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer

Fine-particle/ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Ethylene-propylene terpolymer

Dust cover for photo mask

Metal and resin integrated molding technology, and materials and parts that can be obtained from it

Advanced Solar Cell Encapsulant

Alpha-olefin copolymer

Nano crystalline structure-controlled elastomer

Polymethyl pentene

Amino resin