Advanced Solar Cell Encapsulant

SOLAR ASCE™ is the brand name of our cross-linking polyolefin (PO) base encapsulating sheet. Mitsui Chemicals was the pioneer in developing a cross-linking type PO encapsulant and have been in high volume manufacturing for several years. The various properties from our unique material design provides excellent features, such as high temperature resistance and weather resistance, were added for use in severe environments with sunshine.

solar asce
  • Much higher volume resistivity compared to EVA making ASCE a true PID free encapsulant
  • Extremely low water absorption compared to EVA
  • Excellent durability (high temperature, high humidity and weather resistance)
  • Excellent adhesive bonding to glass, cell, and back side film (backsheet)
  • Excellent encapsulating properties during the lamination process
  • Excellent optical transmission and transparency that is equivalent to EVA
  • Excellent flexibility, protecting cells from physical stress during the lamination process

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