Why Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH?

Why Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH?

To describe why you should join Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH (MCE) it normally would take more than a few sentences.


Mitsui Chemicals has a very long history. The roots of Mitsui Chemicals can be traced back to the coke made from coal mined at Miike Coal Mine (Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu) in 1892.


The Mitsui business operation started in Düsseldorf, the location of our office, more than 50 years ago.


On a global basis more than 13.000 employees are trying to achieve our corporate mission which is contributing broadly to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovations and the creation of materials, while keeping in harmony with the global environment.


We are pursuing this mission with passion. We, that means e.g. chemical engineers, sales and marketing specialists, supply chain coordinators, quality managers, apprentices but also soccer players, piano players or mothers and fathers. Like one of you. Therefore we are looking for YOU.


Because of the fact that Mitsui Chemicals has works and offices all over the world, we are able to offer international career opportunities.


We believe that Mitsui Chemicals, belonging to the chemical industry, has the responsibility and potential to find creative and innovative solutions to the many social issues that we are facing, for a prosperous and sustainable future. With the new century comes a new and shared awareness that human activities are responsible for disruption of natural cycles which are causing environmental problems such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, and losses in biodiversity. These common problems can only be solved through common efforts of people around the world.


The Mitsui Chemicals Group, in its role as a solution provider to global social challenges and based on its management philosophy of keeping in harmony with the global environment, announced its new Mid-Term Business Plan with a focus on “Creating New Customer Value through Innovation” in fiscal year 2014. With an eye towards 2020, the Plan outlines three targeted business domains – Mobility, Healthcare, and Food & Packaging – which offer growth potential rooted in social needs that the Group is making a concentrated effort to resolve as a good corporate citizen. For the Mobility domain, our Group is strengthening its ability to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, craftsmanship, and value creation by mobilizing our Group wide problem-solving abilities with a focus on the development of environment-friendly, lighter-weight, and next generation automotive materials. With our healthcare products we contribute to healthy and active lifestyles by providing creative solutions through open innovation and underpinned by our material development capabilities. In the Food & Packaging domain, we continue to expand our product lines and technologies which will contribute globally shared value chains for increased food production and hygiene.


Mitsui Chemicals is looking for people who would like to help us to tackle the above mentioned global social challenges and find solutions to the social issues we are facing through their daily work, no matter whether for example this work is done as a chemical engineer, a sales person, an accountant or apprentice.

Our core values

The values of the Mitsui Chemicals Group are: Challenge, Diversity & One Team. Our Core Values have the following meaning:


  • Have strong spirit
  • Think through things carefully
  • Actively take on new challenges
  • Accept responsibility for your actions


  • Learn about other cultures and traditions
  • Respect and Acceptance
  • Use that knowledge to help the group to grow

One Team

One Team

Join forces and work together as one, overcoming differences such as ranke, age, gender, nationality, organization or location

We strongly believe that our core values provide the foundation for Mitsui Chemicals future success.

Development & Teamwork

Based on its Human Resource Management Policy, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has enacted personnel measures that have been established as a common policy among its Group companies worldwide. Our basic approach to human resource development is to provide the optimum environment for our employees to continually improve their abilities through dialogue with others. We take the long-term perspective and aim to develop human resources who are capable to expand our business on a global basis. The Mitsui Chemicals Group has put in place a global human resource management foundation as one of its medium-term inititatives to systematically train global leaders by securing talented people from diverse backgrounds, and optimally allocating these human resources on a global basis.

Contact us

If you are interested in our vacancies, please contact our Human Resources Department by clicking on the button "Contact form" and filling in the respective fields.


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