Material for eyeglass lenses

Applications detail

A lens that uses optical wavelength control technology to offer protection against glare and enhances contrast



This lens material uses light wavelength control technology to block specific wavelengths that cause glare. It offers protection against glare and enhances contrast.

Suppressing Glare

NeoContrast™ lenses rely on wavelength control technologies that selectively filter bright light at specific wavelengths, allowing clear and comfortable viewing of target objects in vivid color.

High R.I. Lens Material

This lens uses high R.I. lens material MR™ to make it possible to build thinner, lighter lenses, even for high-power lenses. They’re available for both no-powered and vision correction (R.I.: 1.60 and 1.67) glasses.

Can Be Combined with Various Technology
Optimal for Tinted Lenses

We recommend that users select the most suitable lens for the manner of usage and lighting conditions. NeoContrast™ is compatible with all colors for greater viewing clarity.


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