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A photochromic lens that controls light by changing its color based on the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light



This lens material applies photochromic technology to change the light transmittance of the lens based on the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light in the environment. Outdoors and in strong sunlight, the glasses turn into sunglasses. Indoors, where UV does not reach easily, the lenses return to the clear state.
It blocks harmful UV light and controls glare for greater viewing comfort.

Faster Color-Changing Response

The fading speed has been significantly improved compared to conventional products. Both indoors and outdoors, the lens changes color swiftly.

In-Mass Technology

The SunSensors™ brand, an in-mass type lenses with photochromic pigments blended into the lens material itself. In general, it is easier to maintain photochromic functionality.

The lineup offers a wide selection of different refractive indexes and photochromatic functions.

R.I. 1.60 SunSensors™ - MR-8™

This strong, light, high-performance, high R.I. lens material is manufactured from highly workable and fashion-oriented thiourethane (MR-8™) in-mass material, which offers faster darkening/fading speeds*1 for rimless and high-curved frames.

R.I. 1.50 SunSensors™ - 50HPM

Exhibiting superior optical properties, this high-performance low R.I. lens material is an allyl- and acrylic-based, in-mass material having superior optical properties and strength.

R.I. 1.55 SunSensors™ - 55HPM

Optimizing the base material and pigment achieves faster darkening/fading speeds*1 for this acrylic-based high-performance in-mass lens material.

R.I. 1.55 SunSensors™ - 55

This basic acrylic-based in-mass lens material maintains the traditional SunSensor™ color variations while offering enhanced cosmetics.

*1 Compared to SunSensorsTM - 55

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