Mitsui Chemicals Acquires Additional ISCC PLUS Certification

Aiming to expand social implementation of biomass-based products under a mass balance system


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) has again acquired certification for a number of products under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS system for certifying sustainable products. Aiming to expand the social implementation of biomass-based products under a mass balance system, Mitsui Chemicals plans to continue working toward the acquisition of ISCC PLUS certification across the Mitsui Chemicals Group to contribute to further advances in society’s use of biomass.

Products newly eligible to use ISCC PLUS certification

Company name Product Name of product Main applications
Mitsui Chemicals Ammonia Ammonia Fertilizer, synthetic fibers, dyes
Ethylene glycol Monoethylene glycol PET resin, antifreeze, polyester fiber
Dimethylaminoethanol DMAE Flocculant
Diethylene glycol Diethylene glycol Unsaturated polyester resin, pulverization aid for cement
Hydroquinone Hydroquinone Photographic chemicals, polymerization retardant
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene HI-ZEX MILLION™ Separators for lithium-ion batteries, high-strength fibers, abrasion-resistant and sliding components, filters, sliding adhesive tape
Toluene Toluene Solvent, etc.
Bisphenol A Bisphenol A Polycarbonate resin, epoxy resin, flame retardants, surfactant, toner resin
Polyethylene glycol Polyethylene glycol Cosmetics, surfactants
Polymethyl pentene TPX™ High-performance polyolefin resin offering heat resistance, releasability and transparency
Meta/para-cresol Meta/para-cresol Varnish, laminate
B-B fraction B-B fraction Raw material for butadiene extraction
C5 fraction C5 fraction Raw material for isoprene extraction

* Following the acquisition of certification by Ichihara Works this past April, Iwakuni-Ohtake Works acquired ISCC PLUS certification in October. While only Osaka Works currently runs on bio-based hydrocarbons, the ISCC PLUS certification scheme will allow biomass certification to be used on derivatives produced at Ichihara Works and Iwakuni-Ohtake Works going forward.

Products already eligible to use ISCC PLUS certification

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Please also refer to the following page for information about Mitsui Chemicals’ BePLAYER™ products:

* The Mitsui Chemicals Group pledges its commitment to complying with the ISCC PLUS requirements, in accordance with the latest ISCC regulations, and to avoiding the practice of double counting the Group’s environmental contributions.