Mitsui Chemicals to Introduce Group-Wide Integrated HR Platform From Workday

Aiming to speed up the promotion of digital transformation in HR departments


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) today announced plans to introduce a group-wide integrated human resources (HR) platform developed by U.S.-based Workday, Inc. Workday Human Capital Management (Workday HCM) will be introduced simultaneously across all sites belonging to Mitsui Chemicals and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, with the go-live date scheduled for 2023.

The introduction of this platform is a key pillar of the HR strategy that will lead to the achievement of Mitsui Chemicals’ VISION 2030 Long-Term Business Plan.*1

Mitsui Chemicals plans to continue making environmental enhancements that will lay the foundations for enabling each and every employee of the Mitsui Chemicals Group to tap their diverse potential and develop their careers autonomously. Even amid the emergence of teleworking, side-jobs and other such new work styles unconstrained by time and place, aims are to further improve engagement among all Group employees, bringing out their individual strengths to the fullest as Mitsui Chemicals strives to transform itself into an organization where people can continue learning and taking on challenges.

Mitsui Chemicals’ HR strategy

Regarding personnel as one of its most important forms of operating capital, Mitsui Chemicals has positioned Key Talent Management*2 covering all Group employees as a core measure in its HR strategy. Mitsui Chemicals also practices integrated HR management focused on placing the right person in the right position, which encompasses the process of acquiring, cultivating, deploying and using those who are potential future leaders.

Background to the introduction of the platform

With Group companies currently using various HR platforms, it has not been possible to gather HR information in a uniform standard. This has consequently made for considerable effort when looking to place the right person in the right position with personnel deployments on a Group-wide level. At a time when the growing emphasis on ESG investment means that investors are requesting greater disclosure regarding intangible assets in the form of human capital, the lack of integrated management of organizational and HR information within the Group has prevented the timely disclosure of such information. The new platform will solve these problems.

Advantages of introducing the platform

  • As everything will be managed on a single platform, existing disparate talent management processes at Group companies and organizational and HR information within the Group will be organized on the basis of standardized criteria.
  • Leveraging Workday HCM’s digital technology, Mitsui Chemicals will be able to provide each and every Group employee with the optimal content for that individual in a timely manner and in an appropriate communication style.
  • Integrated Group-wide management of organizational and HR information will facilitate the formulation of strategic staffing plans with a view to the transformation of the Group’s business portfolios and will also bolster efforts to promote the use of people analytics.
  • Mitsui Chemicals will be able to be more proactive in disclosing the information about human capital required by investors with a view to ESG-focused investment.

Group-wide integration mechanism and information to be made visible via the introduction of Workday HCM

In specific terms, the platform will facilitate Group-wide integration of existing HR management processes, including position management,*3 succession planning throughout the Group, personal development plans, education and qualification (including skills) management and both internal and external recruitment. All organizational information (such as positions, capabilities/talents and remuneration) and HR information (including expertise/preferences, experience and diversity) throughout the Group will be integrated into the system and thus rendered visible.

Workday, Inc. and Workday HCM

Headquartered in California, Workday, Inc. is a provider of cloud-based finance and HR enterprise applications for companies, including the HR management platform Workday HCM. Workday’s global client list numbers in excess of 8,000 companies, and its applications have been introduced by a wide range of companies and organizations, including 45 percent of the Fortune 500 companies and 70 percent of the top 50 Fortune 500.


*1VISION 2030 Long-Term Business Plan

*2Key Talent Management
A mechanism for clearly specifying attributes required of managers, fast tracking candidates to fill future senior management ranks, and strategically training such candidates (stipulated in Mitsui Chemicals’ Corporate Governance Guidelines). Every year specific divisions and company-wide committees select candidates and help them develop by establishing training plans for each candidate, performing assessments, and carrying out training.

*3Position Management
A Group-wide policy for delineating positions using standardized indicators across the Mitsui Chemicals Group (the global grade structure) and for managing approaches to and processes for everything from the creation of positions within the Group to their phasing out.