President’s Message at the 2018 Initiation Ceremony (Summary)


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Congratulations to all of you on the occasion of your joining to Mitsui Chemicals. On behalf of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, I warmly welcome you all.

In 2017, Mitsui Chemicals celebrated its 20th year since establishment and started its 2025 Long-Term Business Plan. This plan declared our determination to strongly contribute to improving future society. Under the plan, we aim to achieve sales of two trillion yen and operating income of 200 billion yen. In our business performance for fiscal 2017, the first year of the plan, we expect to achieve record earnings for the second consecutive year. Based on this strong business performance, Mitsui Chemicals is in a phase to make active investments. One of the achievements is the welcoming of the ARRK Corporation to the Mitsui Chemicals Group, along with its excellent technologies in design, experimental production and analysis of automobiles, and with its solid customer base in Europe. Through extensive cooperation with the ARRK Corporation, we will be looking to make a breakthrough in the Mobility.

Mitsui Chemicals Group also regards ESG, which aims to enhance corporate value from the perspective of the environment, society and governance, as one of the core issues of management, together with initiatives for sustainable development goals set by the United Nations for 2030. As a corporate group that shows a dignified presence with the capability to solve social issues, Mitsui Chemicals will achieve sustainable growth with society.
Now that you have become a member of Mitsui Chemicals in the process of challenge and growth, I ask you to bear in mind the following three points.

“Safety is Top Priority”

Our most important responsibility as a member of society is to preserve safety. I would like each of you to remember that safety is for yourself, your family, your colleagues and society, and always place highest priority to safety when taking action. Please keep safety in mind in your daily life as well.


Masahiro Yasuoka, a Japanese scholar of yangmingism who was also known as a leader for politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, had some words about comprehension. The comprehension you gain by listening to other people and reading books is chishiki (knowledge). Add experience and learning to this knowledge,and it becomes kenshiki (wisdom). Finally, if you add the ability to take action on top of wisdom, it becomes tanshiki (practical wisdom). For the Company, the employees‘ ability to take action is of prime importance. I would like you to become a person of action with tanshiki (practical wisdom), by deepening your kenshiki (wisdom), through active efforts to gain experience.

“Become an Engaging Person”

The Mitsui Chemicals Group is an organization with rich diversity where experts in various fields have assembled from across the world. Work is achieved through collaboration with people of different strengths. What matters the mostis the capability of each individual.

The technologies that support the world are changing rapidly. The products, technologies and services we provide will change as well. You have become a member of Mitsui Chemicals at a time of this rapid evolution, and I ask you to take on new challenges and enjoy meeting with new colleagues. I am looking forward to seeing the changes you will bring tothis company. Make the most of what you have on the broad stage of Mitsui Chemicals. I expect great things from all of you.