Development of ADMER™ IP, a New Series of Adhesive Polyolefin


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president & CEO Tsutomu Tannowa) announces that the company has developed ADMER™ IP, a new product from the ADMER™ series of adhesive polyolefin.

Outline of ADMER™ IP

Product Adhesive polyolefin (imine modified polyolefin)
Patent name ADMER™ IP
Technology Mitsui Chemicals technology
Sales to start Oct, 2017

The company operates the ADMER™ business, adhesive polyolefin employing our proprietary technology. Mitsui Chemicals was the first in the world to develop ADMER™, adhesive polyolefin that is utilized in products with polyamide (PA), EVOH and other types of gas-barrier resin, metal and other substances. Characteristically, since ADMER™ strongly adheres to a base material and is applicable to many different molding methods, ADMER™ fulfills a wide range of applications such as sheets, tubes, bottles, films and other multilayer molded bodies. ADMER™ has gained an enormous amount of trust for its amazing adhesive durability.

The recently developed ADMER™ IP, imine modified polyolefin by installation of basic functional group, can be used for making sheets, tubes and other multilayer molded bodies by strongly adhering to modified fluororesin, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyketone (POK), polycarbonate (PC) and other materials to which conventional ADMER™ grades have been poorly adhesive. ADMER™ IP can also be expected to function as a sophisticated compatibilizer for materials such as fiber-reinforced polyolefin compounds, which enhances durability and will make the new product available for more applications.


We will actively push forward with the development of applications for ADMER™ IP in industrial materials and many other areas, and will expand the lineup of related brands in an effort to satisfy the wide range of demand in the market.