Acrylamide Biocatalyst

Acrylamide Biocatalyst

Introducing a New Biocatalyst for Acrylamide Production

Applications detail

Flocculants for water treatment, and strengthening agents for pulp and paper

Acrylamide is a water soluble, organic chemical compound, produced industrially as a precursor to Polyacrylamides and Acrylamide Copolymers.  Polyacrylamides and copolymers find use in a wide variety of applications including polymer flocculants for wastewater treatment and paper making, and water-soluble thickeners for Enhanced Oil Recovery, among others.

Polyacrylamide Flocculants For Water Treatment
Enhancing Blue Value From Clean Water

Acrylamide has traditionally been produced by chemical processes; however, Mitsui Chemicals Inc. now produces Acrylamide with a patented biological process utilizing a remarkable new biocatalyst.  Mitsui Chemicals’ biological process for producing Acrylamide utilizes an enzyme method production technology.


The biocatalyst is highly reactive, providing very high conversion rates and selectivity for Acrylamide, which reduces consumption of utilities and supporting process materials.  After conversion, 50% purity Acrylamide can be obtained without a concentration process, and the biocatalyst can be removed from the product by efficient filtration.  This results in reduced wastewater load and environmental impact.

Mitsui Chemicals offers either, or both of these solutions:

> License of Mitsui Chemicals’ biological process to produce Acrylamide

> Sale of Biocatalyst to produce Acrylamide

Mitsui Chemicals offers a full license of the manufacturing technology for its biological process to produce Acrylamide.  In addition, a partial technology license can be considered upon request.  Mitsui Chemicals also offers to sell its biocatalyst for use in existing process equipment.  Enzyme samples can be made available for evaluation, as well as additional support for feasibility studies.

Polyacrylamide is Used to Strengthen Paper and Pulp
Polyacrylamide is Used as a Water-Soluble Thickener for Enhanced Oil Recovery.

To discuss the process licensing or procurement of Mitsui Chemicals’ biocatalyst enzyme please contact our technical experts.  To contact our experts, please click the Contact Form button below.

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