Alpha-olefin copolymer







ABSORTOMERTM is a new olefin based polymer with molecular structure optimized at nano-meter level with the use of Mitsui Chemicals’ long-cultivated catalyst technology. At low temperature, it has a hard feel and keep its shape.


When heated, it changes to a soft, flexible feel. Absortomer is supplied in pellet form. When mixing different materials during moulding, the following features and properties can be achieved. This can contribute to the development of unique products.

Physical Properties List

We sell currently below 2 grades

MFR (230 °C, 2.16kgf)g/10min1010
FlexibilitySurface hardness (Shore A)Immediately After 15sec.A93 A70D69 D55
Mechanical propertiesYoung modulusMPa80450
Elongation at break%500400
Tensile strength at breakMPa2730
Heat resistanceTm°C-130
Energy Absorptiontan dpeak value2.70.93
Temperature giving tanδ peak°C3043

Stress Absorption (high tanδ)

This ABSORTOMER™ has tangent delta peak at room temperatures and is three times better than styrene based elastomers. It also shows excellent damping and stress relaxation properties. At lower temperatures than the peak of tangent delta, it feels hard and keep its shape. At higher temperatures than the peak of tangent delta, it becomes soft and flexible.

Damping properties

ABSORTOMER™ has excellent vibration absorption on the low-frequency side (-10Hz). Furthermore, when compounding with EPDM, it is possible to shift the tanδ peak values to different high frequencies (ABSORTOMERTM cannot be cross-linked).


Stress relaxation and absorption

ABSORTOMER™ has excellent stress relaxation and stress absorbing properties. If a certain load is constantly applied to ABSORTOMERTM, the load decreases within a certain time. In case of Polyolefin based elastomers, generally, no decrease of load can be noticed, even after a certain time. The reason is that there is no stress absorption.

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