Blue Value Day 2023


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Mitsui Chemicals Group Clean-up Caravan

The marquee Mitsui Chemicals Group Clean-up Caravan first started back in April 2019, with various affiliates around the World putting in their effort to help with area cleaning and prevent uncollected litter from being blown into rivers by the wind and eventually flow into the sea, exacerbating the problem of marine litter.

Clean-up event for Mitsui Chemicals Europe in Düsseldorf

In 2022, Mitsui Chemicals Europe (MCE) has started the yearly “Blue Value Day”.
This May, we conducted this event again at Unterbacher See in Düsseldorf, where we are located, and about 50 employees and family members took part in the 3 hours clean-up again.
In our activity we were supported by the “Düsseldorf Office for Environmental Protection”.

The purpose of this event was to do our part for promoting the awareness of the trash issue and to collect as much waste as possible to make the city of Düsseldorf a bit cleaner.

All participants collected a total of 35 kg trash together at Unterbacher See in Düsseldorf and the feedback and comments of passers-by were also positive.

Group picture of Blue Value Day 2023 participants

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