In addition to the ongoing need to boost food production, reduce food loss, and the like, there is a societal demand for products and services that meet the needs of reducing environmental impact, particularly in packaging materials. We will leverage the strengths of the Mitsui Chemicals Group to help solve these challenges faced by society.

Basic Information

Challenges and needs of society

The serious global issues of population growth and climate change call for measures to stabilize agricultural production and improve crop yields as well as to reduce food loss and waste. Moreover, addressing the problem of plastic waste and other needs of reducing environmental impact is now a matter of urgency for society.

Business vision

By maximizing the use of information, technologies, and customer relationships that cross company and organizational boundaries, we aim to drive the sustained growth of the Mitsui Chemicals Group through customer-driven innovation, providing products and services related to agriculture, food, and packaging.

Market analysis and strategies

Opportunities and risks

  • Growing agrochemicals markets in Asia and South America, growth in the market for agrochemical-related products (disease prevention fields)
  • Growing Asian market and sluggish domestic market for packaging materials, growing needs to address environmental issues
  • Growth in ICT markets such as for 5G and high-performance displays
  • Uncertainty surrounding China and emerging economies


  • Broad product lineup
  • Proprietary R&D and production technology
  • Overseas expansion, particularly in Asia
  • Customer base built on providing a swift response

Basic strategies

  • Strengthen our business portfolio by shifting to high value-added products
  • Expand businesses by tapping into overseas growth markets
  • Create new products and businesses and respond to environmental needs through collaboration within and outside the Group

Specific strategies


  • Tap growth in the Asian and South American markets
  • Strengthen agrochemical-related areas (disease prevention fields)

Coating & engineering materials

  • Tap growth in the Asian market
  • Globally expand environmentally friendly products
  • Accelerate market penetration of high-performance products

Performance films & sheets

  • Bolster our business platform by transforming our product portfolio
  • Maintain and expand our market share in ICT fields

Value chain

Value chain

Main Products

Coatings & Engineering Materials

Polyurethane resins (TAKENATE™, TAKELAC™), Packaging adhesives, Polyolefin resins, Coating resins, Sealants for displays

Performance Films & Sheets (Packaging Films)

Biaxially oriented polypropylene films, Cast polypropylene films, Linear low-density polyethylene film (T.U.X™)

Performance Films & Sheets (Industrial Films and Sheets)

Semiconductor and electronic components manufacturing process films (ICROS™ TAPE), Foam sheets, Encapsulant sheets for solar cells (SOLAR ASCE™, SOLAR EVA™)


Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Non-crop specialty chemicals, Pet medication ingredients

Market share and market growth rate of key products (FY2019)

  Market share Market growth rate
Global - 3.0%*
Asia - 2.3%*
Japan 10% 1.1%*

* *FY2018–2023

TAKELAC™ / TAKENATE™ packaging adhesives
  Market share Market growth rate
Japan 29% (No. 2) <1%
ASEAN 30% (No. 1) 7%
T.U.X™ high-performance sealant film
  Market share Market growth rate*
Japan 34% (No. 1) <1%

Departments and Products

We Protect. You enjoy. Packaging Materials
Coatings & Engineering Materials Division
Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.
Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc.

Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products in the Food & Packaging domain

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Rose Value

Food packaging materials


  • Enriches life and society

Easy-open film that even children and the elderly can manage.

Rose Value



  • Extends healthy life-span

Controls mosquitos, a carrier of infectious diseases like malaria. Contributes to the eradication of malaria.

Blue Value

Milky-white food packaging film


  • Reduces CO2
  • Conserves resources

Delivers a white finish by diffusing light on layers of air created inside the film. Reduces the amount of resin used by 20%-30% without the need for white printing.

Rose Value



  • Protects food

Contributes to stable crop production and helps boost food production.

Blue ValueRose Value

Keep-fresh film


  • Reduces CO2
  • Protects food

Suppresses wilting and discoloration of fruits and vegetables and contributes to a reduction in food loss. Reduces GHG emissions by reducing the amount of food wastes.

Blue ValueRose Value

Sealant film


  • Reduces CO2
  • Conserves resources
  • Protects food

Saves energy by using a lower heat seal temperature, while its improved film strength means less resin is used. Its excellent sealing performance and impact resistance reduces the amount of food wasted in food production and distribution.

Rose Value

Hybrid rice


  • Protects food

F1 hybrid rice cultivar with superior high yield and taste. Mitsuhikari’s delayed harvesting has the advantage of dispersing the concentration of harvesting resources, and results in the improvement of food productivity.