Drawing on the knowledge of the Mitsui Chemicals Group, we are taking on the challenge of new possibilities in the New and Next Generation Businesses freshly added to our targeted business domains in the 2025 Long-Term Business Plan. We have already started sowing the seeds to ensure our businesses bear an abundance of fruits in 10 to 20 years’ time.

Basic Information

Mission of the New Business domain

The mission of our New Business domain is to create businesses that provide new customer value in a society that is undergoing dramatic change. Each business sector, the New Health Care Business Development Division, the New Mobility Business Development Division, and the New Business Incubation Center are working in collaboration with each other to develop products and services that break new ground.
The mission of the New Business Incubation Center in all of this is to come up with new business models, underpinned by a “think globally, act locally” policy. Leveraging collaboration with startups and academia through open innovation initiatives, the Center endeavors to create new business models based on the idea of marketing the Group’s knowledge, and aims to cultivate cutting-edge materials businesses in areas such as ICT and robot materials.

New business development structure

New business development structure

Responsibilities of the New Business Incubation Center

  • (1) Exploring and creating new businesses
  • (2) Exploration of new business ideas and early stage development in all fields, including our four business domains
  • (3) Timely gathering of information on market and technological trends through venture investment and external information networks, and dissemination of this information to relevant departments
  • (4) Formulating, developing, promoting, and managing business strategy for new businesses for which it is responsible
  • (5) Administrative duties for products for which it is responsible and affiliates under its jurisdiction

Positioning ICT materials that contribute to digitalization as our next target domain

We are positioning ICT materials as our next target domain to accelerate the creation of new businesses. Thus far, the Mitsui Chemicals Group has been developing ICT-related materials in a wide variety of fields from semiconductors to display & imaging, sensing, and electronic component materials in our Mobility and other segments. We will organically link these projects to further cultivate businesses in this domain, with an initial sales target of around ¥100 billion.

Positioning ICT materials that contribute to digitalization as our next target domain

Strategic Product Lineups

New Health Care Business Development Division

In healthcare, we are creating the next generation of businesses and establishing related business models by developing new products, contributing to improved quality of life as we do so.

New area of dental materials

Physical mobility

New Mobility Business Development Division

We will utilize our comprehensive strength and facilitate company-wide marketing activity in automobiles, an important market.
In mobility, our most important segment, we are creating new businesses such as POLYMETAC, a molded product integrating metal and resin, as well as the next-generation LiB business.

Multi-material compatibility and combination

Commercialization of provision of solutions

  • Solution business (e.g. molds)
  • Battery materials
  • Hybrid materials joining different materials
Next-Generation Business Development Division

In a rapidly changing business environment, we are creating the next generation of big business in new market areas, as we pursue rapid growth in scale and profits and enhanced corporate value.

Energy Solution Business

  • Power generation
  • PV diagnosis

Agri-Solution Business

  • Resource-saving crop cultivation system (iCAST™)

Medical Solution Business

  • Rapid diagnostic system for bacterial identification
  • Enzyme kit (Contamination-free DNA polymerase)
  • DNA extraction kit (Contamination-free)

IoT Solution Business

  • Piezoelectric sensor
  • Colorless polyimide (poly (amic acid) ) varnish ECRIOS™
  • Next-generation display materials

Corporate Venturing

Robot Materials Business Development Division

Robots are drawing attention as a possible solution to a limited labor force and an aging society.
We are creating a new business and developing a business model in robot materials, an area that promises continued market expansion.


New Health Care Business Development Division
New Mobility Business Development Division
New Business Incubation Center
  • Medical Solution Business
  • IoT Solution Business

Blue Value™ and Rose Value™ products in the New Business domain

Blue Value Environmental contribution value
Rose Value QOL improvement value
Blue Value

Diagnostics and consulting services for solar power generation plants

  • Reduces CO2

Reduce GHG emissions, which in turn assists clients in preventing yield reduction of solar power generation plants.