From QOL toward SDGs

The roots of Mitsui Chemicals Europe go back to a representative office in 1961. Research on advanced technologies in Europe was the main task at the start, but gradually we began importing and selling products developed by our own technologies. Today, more than half of sales are European products, and we cover Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Chemical products have consistently contributed to the happiness of people and the quality of life (QOL), from the origins to the present day. Chemical fertilizers have contributed effectively to the increase of food production, has saved people from starvation, and plastic film drastically has increased the shelf life of food. A variety of plastic products, rich in lightweight, low cost, design quality has improved QOL. In the meantime, there have been challenges such as pollution and environmental destruction, but we have also overcome it with constant effort.

And now we recognize that the chemical industry has entered the phase of making a new contribution.
We are facing challenges such as the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, the “Paris Agreement” on climate change. Increase food production, reduce food loss, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reuse it as resources, develop new materials for renewable energy efficiency, recycle waste plastics, reduce marine litter, etc. – Without innovation from chemical industry, it would be impossible to achieve them.
Beyond the framework of raising QOL, innovations to the survival of human being are required.

Recently the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has been signed by Japan and the EU. The trade agreement is the biggest ever negotiated by the EU and will create an open trade zone covering more than 600 million people. As a company which develops business in Europe, we are really pleased to contribute for the development of both regions through business.

HIRAIWA Takeshi, President & CEO

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